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The Truth About KIKO Milano Make Up

KIKO Milano is a seriously understated make up brand. The quality is magnificent, the cost of products are absolutely ridiculous and it is Italian and everything Italian is amazing – the food, the men, the women, the language, the culture, the country…can you tell I am a fan, and Italian?

I discovered KIKO on holiday last year in Santander, Spain in a random shopping centre! I ended up buying a concealer as when trying it in store the texture and consistency was similar if not better than the Bobbi Brown Concealer.

This well loved concealer is definitely in my top 3 favourite concealers ever.


Not only is it extremely long lasting, this has lasted me a year and just reaching the bottom – perhaps not very hygienic  and time for a new one! It is extremely high coverage in close competition with the Lasting Perfection Collection Concealer and not at all drying on the skin. This in shade 03 close to a natural, soft beige colour.

On my first online purchase I discovered their BB Cream, I literally survive on BB Cream as my skin doesn’t take well to liquid foundation when worn often. You might think this looks very similar to the body shop all in one BB cream, and it is, with the same colour adapting technology. However it is a lot more moisturizing and is suitable to oily/combination skin, I found the body shop one a bit too dewy on top of natural dew.


On the bright side, the KIKO BB Cream has SPF 15 which is always a plus in my opinion, as often in the UK if it isn’t burning sunshine which it normally isn’t I would forget to apply sunscreen. In sale it was £2, at full price £7.

The SPF 30 BB Cream is also super but it is a little more like a lightweight foundation than a BB Cream – I have to apply this with a beauty blender to achieve even coverage. However it stays all day and protects from the sun – what’s not to like?IMG_20170830_155258

I have serious oily face problems, and often sweaty face problems particularly in summer and this powder product helps prevent my face from getting that natural dewiness without going patchy and somehow this product has worked its way into my daily make up routine.

sf.jpgIt was on sale at £4, otherwise sells for a pricier £13.90 and looks like it will last me a life time. It is the Soft Focus Foundation in shade 07 – Soft Beige. Admittedly this powder is a little dark for my natural shade therefore I only apply a tiny dusting using a big fluffy powder brush. This powder keeps my face mostly matte from 7am when applied to 6pm when I leave work – this means almost 12 hours of no oily worries. It comes with a handy applicator for on the go or you can use a brush which I prefer for a less orange effect. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for when this comes back in stock.

Another powder product find is this lovely blush in 03 Sunset Pomegranate, it is so pigmented and easily blendable this has been my go to pop of colour this summer. It is also in beautiful pearlescent packaging, with a compact mirror – perfect for on the go application.

Sadly I was not as impressed with the mascara I bought, there are 100s of other mascara options which I will try; however I was not impressed with this one – it was flaky from first use and then dried out very quickly and was quite clumpy!

It is definitely unforgettable but not in a good way!IMG_20170830_155748_099

Finally I purchased 2 lip products:

  1. The Jelly Stylo: It is fantastic at moisturising, but the colour is a little inconsistent on the lips but perfect if you want to, add a colour on top and have a glossy lip. Plus it’s vanilla scented.
  2. The Urban Sheen Lip Gloss For £1 this crayon like lip product adds a pretty decent intense colour; however it isn’t lasting on its own, but can be prolonged if used with The Jelly Stylo or a lip balm.

Kiko Milano Rewards:

Not only is KIKO make up a mostly well kept secret so is their reward system.

If you download the KIKO app and show the QR code when you buy instore you can receive reward points. If you buy online, you receive points instantly and if you review products you receive even more points.

  •  800 points = £5 voucher 
  • 1500 points = £10 voucher
  • 3000 points = £30 voucher

This doesn’t sound too bad to me?

Give KIKO ago, you won’t be disappointed particularly as they update their website / stores with hundreds of new products every week.


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L’Oreal Elvive’s (seriously) extraordinary clay hair range review

This blog is starting out pretty random, although I have been dying to do some reviewing of beauty, fashion, hair care products for months now; as I am a self confessed raging product addict & I am not ashamed. My name is Natalie Page and I am an addict.

I know this range has been around a while now, but I have been attempting to use up all my other shampoos and conditioners before trying new ones, trying & failing!

This set of products is pretty interesting; it consists of 1) the clay masque, 2) the rebalancing shampoo and 3) the rebalancing conditioner. It claims to break the vicious cycle of oily roots and dry ends using 3 refined clays!

First of all you apply the clay masque to your dry hair first, and I apply it only to the roots! The texture and colour are a tad disturbing with it being bright blue and quite thick consistency (like clay funnily enough) which makes me feel like a smurf! It does get stuck under your finger nails, but since you’re likely to get in the shower after and obviously plan to wash your hair with your hands this generally isn’t a problem! You leave this on for 5 minutes so it can soak up the oil in your roots, then you wash and apply shampoo and conditioner as you would usually.

I am actually generally very impressed with these products, I’ve used them 3 times so far and I can see a considerable difference in my hair. Its shinier, feels so much softer with a more bouncy volume. The big seller for me is that it lasts for 72 hours, no washing my grease prone hair for 3 days, no matter how many times I run my fingers through my hair because it’s so so soft = fab!

It is also silicone free which is fantastic if you dye your hair as makes colour easier and smoother to apply. This is a great high street alternative for more expensive silicone free products your hair dresser may try to sell you in your salon!